Welcome to Pulsar Regions

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What is Pulsar Regions?

Pulsar Regions is a small team focusing on indie game development in our free time. Currently our team consists of two long term friends since primary school. We're both young adults living in Denmark and are going on our daily lives while trying to incorporate some game development on the side.

At the moment we're working on a multiplayer space game called Citizens of Laniakea that we've been working on-and-off on for some years now. The game is somewhat inspired by Eve Online but of course in a much smaller scale. The idea is to some degree a crossing between a MOBA and Eve Online. We'll be sure to include more details in the near future.

As mentioned, we've been developing it for some time now, but in 2018 we took a big decision and rewrote everything from scratch that took the game a rather large step backwards. But it was necessary. Since then we've caught up and are now further than ever with a much more promising codebase than before. Still, we're far away from reaching our goals and we've big dreams implementing some sophisticated mechanics that can keep the game from going stale. Maybe someday we'll learn to manage our scope on our projects, but until then we'll keep trying to make it become a reality.